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Newsletter Winter 2021

In this issue:
- Heat exchangers pressure tested at 725 bar
- Delivery of 63 m3 storage tank for the Polyols Complexchemical plant
- Bulk tanks
- Review of pressure equipment for natural gas technological installations
- Heat exchangers for the exploration wellTurkowo-2
- Commissioned HVAC system on ORP Arctowski
- „Salish Heron” joining the BC Ferries



Newsletter Spring 2021

Year 2021 brought a number of new challenges to our company. We can boast of worldwide projects of large-size tanks for cooling systems, production of cryogenic tanks with vacuum insulation, new technologies of titanium welding and production of titanium heat exchangers, as well as progress in R&D project of refrigeration systems working on ecological refrigerants for marine applications.

Newsletter Autumn 2020

 In this issue of the Newsletter, we continue our "struggle" over projects for the difficult oil & gas industry - pressure units and heat - exchangers for gas reception installations, drying installations, units for separation gas, hydrocarbons and water. Morover special welding technology for high pressure equipment. Also products for the chemical industry and waste treatment systems, and finally the traditional overview of retrofits and re-pair works on board of ships from all over the world.


Newsletter Summer 2020


In this issue of the newsletter you will find a lot of projects for the oil & gas industry — pressure equipment and heat exchangers for natural gas extraction plants, gas-water drying installations and gas, hydrocarbon and water separation systems.

Moreover Innoship project, on-board installations of heating, water treatment and HVAC systems.



Newsletter Spring 2020

What's new in PBUCH. You can check from our latest Newsletter describing projects of the first quarter of 2020.

 In this issue, among others: 

  • Heat exchangers for the petrochemical and dyeing industry
  • Containers with ADR certificate
  • Hyperbaric chamber
  • Pressure vessels with the CCS Certificate
  • Finite Element Analysis




Newsletter 2019

  We invite you to familiarize yourself with our quarterly Newsletter presenting 2019 projects, our achievements, approvals of the production plant, new technologies approved last year, R&D project's reports, status of installation works, information on participation in international trade fair events, curiosities related to our business and development plans.




Tanks for bulk materials

We have produced two sets of tanks for the bulk material transport system for the off-shore vessel:
Tanks with a capacity of 15m3 and 10m3 with a conical bottom
Air receivers with a capacity of 3.5 m3 with an ellipsoidal bottoms
The next set is in preparation.




Dispersion tanks

Dispersion tank is used to provide dispersion water to the flotation system. The water level in the tank is around 50% of the total height of the tank. The high pressure air-dissolved water is taken from the bottom of the tank and goes to the flotation system. 

Tanks parameters:

Volume: 7m3

Design pressure: 7 bar

Test pressure: 13 bar

Design temperature: 20oC

Diameter: 1280mm

Length: 5500mm

Approval: European Directive PED

Material: AISI 316



Vertical condenser SRs

Vertical, shell & tube condenser used for condensing vapour of ammonia under pressure, by cooling with water flowing in the tubes. The condenser has been adapted to attach the service platform

Heat exchange area: 131m2

Pressure in shell:  18 bar

Pressure in tubes - atmospheric

Pressure test: 26,1 bar

Temperature in shell: +150oC in tubes: +100oC

Tubes volume: 2230l

Shell volume: 2480l




"Climate change is the bigest issue facing the maritime industry"  Kitack Lim ,  IMO Secretary-General

The basic task of the PBUCH SA  as a producer of equipment for the maritime market is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and introduce environmentally friendly technologies and products to provide cooling and air conditioning systems in accordance with IMO requirements and the International Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution (MARPOL).
Offered cooling equipment are designed in accordance with DNV standards for ships with CLEAN DESIGN class record (maximum GWP-1890) and we introduce products that meet the IMO requirements coming into effect on January 1, 2020.




Mist separators

Mist separator tanks intended for installations for the production of high-ammonium oxyalkylates
The separators were made of 316L steel.
Operating parameters of separators:
Pressure: 6 bar
Temperature: -10 / + 200oC
Flow: 37.5 kg / h